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Protecting The Perfect Smile

The health of your teeth is too easy to take for granted, but at Central Florida Smiles, we believe in supporting your oral hygiene all year long. Although many people find dental care to be intimidating, maintaining strong and healthy teeth is easier than you might think. Through some very simple practices, you can breeze into your next dental appointment with confidence...[READ MORE]

The Importance of Wearing Your Retainer

When you’ve had your braces on for months or even years, it’s likely that you may forget what your mouth even feels like without them. So when the big day comes to get them off, most people are more than ready to sport their new, straight smile. But there’s still one last step to your orthodontic treatment...[READ MORE]

What To Expect During An Initial Consultation

At Central Florida Smiles, we understand that the decision to receive orthodontic care is an important one. There are many orthodontists in the area to choose from, but at our practice you’ll find a professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff every step of the way...[READ MORE]

What To Do For An Orthodontic Emergency

When you decide to get braces, you’ll likely consider what they will look and feel like in your mouth rather than what could go wrong during your treatment. Although it’s not common for patients to experience dental trauma with braces, accidents do happen, and it is an event that your orthodontist will try to prepare you for...[READ MORE]

Tackling Multiple Problems

Even if you have a goal to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, certain obstacles can get in the way. Whether you have cavities, show the beginning signs of gum disease, suffer from bad breath or experience tooth sensitivity, each condition can make it difficult to take pride in your smile...[READ MORE]

3 Non-Dental Benefits To Having A Straight Smile

Almost everyone wants straight, white teeth, but for some, a straighter smile takes longer to achieve than others. A poor bite position, unhealthy oral habits or something as simple as genetics can cause crooked and overcrowded teeth. You might be able to tolerate the current condition of your teeth, but your orthodontist at Central Florida Smiles may recommend braces instead. Although braces may not be your ideal solution for a better smile, they’ll improve the appearance of your teeth and make them healthier in the process....[READ MORE]

Common Questions On Mouthwash

With the amount of methods, practices, tools and tips for good oral hygiene, it can be difficult to choose which techniques work. The proper toothbrush will clean your teeth more efficiently while a particular flosser will remove plaque with added ease. Some of the most common questions that we receive at Central Florida Smiles are about mouthwash and whether its use should be a priority. Although your orthodontist may consider mouthwash to be the final step in your oral hygiene routine, it still plays an essential role in your dental health....[READ MORE]

How To Show Your Smile TLC With Braces

Although braces can be an integral part of your oral health if you have them, they can also take some time to get used to. Depending on the type of braces you receive, they may feel foreign in your mouth at first and make it difficult to chew, speak or play an instrument. With practice, you can adjust to your new braces and even start to enjoy the way they look on your teeth. Rather than becoming frustrated with the appliance, there are certain ways that you can show your smile some TLC with braces.....[READ MORE]

How To Floss With Braces

Getting braces is an exciting time, but they come with lifestyle changes that you’ll have to get used to. Food restrictions and oral hygiene practices are just two factors that will require some adjustment. Although it may be challenging to change your daily routine, doing so will keep your teeth healthy and your braces structurally sound. One thing that patients struggle with in particular is their ability to floss....[READ MORE]

Here's to Healthier Smiles in 2017!

We’re about a month into 2017, and by this point, many people are falling behind on their New Year’s resolutions. But not you! If you’re committed to making personal improvements this year, then your journey has just begun. You may have one or several resolutions that you’re trying to stick to, and at Central Florida Smiles, we hope that one of them involves your oral health! While many people strive to lose weight or create a smarter budget, the wellness of your smile should also be a priority....[READ MORE]

Adult Braces: What Patients Need to Know

It’s never too late to receive orthodontic treatment, even if you’re an adult. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a style of braces that works for you. As an adult, you might think that your options are limited or that orthodontic treatment isn’t available to you, but in fact, braces are widely available and capable of correcting the alignment issues you are facing...[READ MORE]

6 Bad Habits Harming Your Smile

Your smile says a lot about you, and first impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to make your oral health a priority. Most of you know that there are certain behaviors you should avoid if you want to maintain the health of your teeth. Eating sugary foods or drinking acidic beverages, forgetting to floss or ignoring a toothache are all things you’ve been told not to do in excess. But what about the habits that you believe to be harmless? Although there are several, we’ve narrowed down just 6 bad habits that are harming your smile....[READ MORE]

The Magic Number 7

Orthodontic care is something you can receive at any point in time, but particular timeframes can make certain treatments last longer than others, and it has to do with the magic number 7.

When a child turns 7, their molars will begin to erupt, which affects the positioning of their remaining teeth. With the first sign of molars, an orthodontist will perform an evaluation to ensure the teeth are growing and developing at an anticipated rate...[READ MORE]

New Year, New Teeth: Your Ortho Resolution

New Year’s resolutions typically sound the same each year. You might want to shed a few pounds, travel to a foreign place, or finally plan out that new budget. While all of these resolutions are worthwhile, they don’t address the orthodontic concerns that you may have with your smile. What if your resolution for 2017 was to start orthodontic treatment and improve the health of your teeth? [READ MORE]

Why Malocclusions Need to be Addressed

Why Malocclusions Need to be AddressedIt is rare for anyone to have perfect teeth, but many patients can still maintain a healthy smile even if one or two teeth are crooked. Even so, there are some instances when the positioning of the teeth and jaws are problematic, and it’s for this reason that an orthodontist should examine the teeth no later than the age of seven.

Malocclusions, such as crooked teeth and poor bite positions, are not necessarily painful, but they can create several oral health concerns that may cause discomfort later on...[READ MORE]

What’s This? Understanding Your Braces

Understanding Your BracesYou may know what braces look like, but do you know the name and function of each part? Braces are not a single appliance that are placed onto the teeth. Rather, they’re made up of several different components that come together and gradually shift your teeth into a healthier position.

Straightening your teeth involves many steps — it’s not as simple as moving your...[READ MORE]

The Christian Sharing Center Needs Our Help This Holiday Season

Will you help us feed the hungry and the homeless with food this Christmas? Goal: 500 families and 100 homeless people! The Christian Sharing Center is focused on preventing hunger and homelessness for families and individuals in crisis. A box is provided in each office until December 19. We appreciate your donations! Listed below are their specific needs. [READ MORE]

Identifying Your Dental Issues

Identifying Dental IssuesIf you are one of the many people who play an active role in their oral health, then you might be questioning some of the best ways to identify any dental issues you may be facing. We encourage all of our patients at Central Florida Smiles to be proactive about their teeth by being alert to potential problems. The earlier you can spot a dental issue, the sooner you can schedule an appointment with...[READ MORE]

Food: Your Braces’ Deadliest Catch

Food: Braces' Deadliest CatchGetting braces is not always an easy transition. Although they are one of the most effective ways to straighten teeth and improve the health of your smile, adjusting to braces can take some time.

Not only do braces feel foreign, but also they create some limitations in terms of what you can eat...[READ MORE]

Hygiene and Your Braces

Braces and HygieneAlthough braces work wonders for the alignment of your teeth and the appearance of your smile, they are an appliance that adds steps to your oral hygiene routine. It’s true that brushing and flossing become more intricate with the placement of braces, but good oral hygiene practices will ensure the health and beauty of your smile for the duration of your orthodontic treatment...[READ MORE]

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