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LONGWOOD 407.862.1870
LAKE MARY 407.805.0068

Contest Winners

Winners of the Mystery Box Contest

Ashley Montgomery - Longwood Winner

Ashley Martin - Lake Mary Winner

Baby Photo Contest Winner

D'angelo Rosario

Congratulations to our 2014 Summer Contest Winners!

Longwood Office: Rachel S.
Lake Mary Office: Kayla C.
Rachel and Kayla each received a .00 Visa Gift Card

Congratulations to our Winners of our 2011 Spring Contest

Serena M. – Longwood Office

Joey O. – Lake Mary Office

Winners of our Winter Contest received a Visa gift card!

Lake Mary Winner

Longwood Winner

Congratulations to our iPad winner, Cole H., from Savastano & Dunn Orthodontics!

Thank you to all our patients for the kind comments and testimonials!!!

Winner of our Summer 2010 Contest Are You Smarter than an Orthodontist?

Gianna V.


Congratulations! Winners of the Spring 2010 Match the Staff with Pet Contest

Felicia M. and Coley V.


Winners of the Winter Contest 2009-2010

Claire G. in the Longwood Office

Klea D. in the Lake Mary Office.


Winners of the Summer Contest 2009

Wear your Savastano & Dunn T-Shirt on Vacation & send us a photo.

Longwood Office Winner

Nina K.

Lake Mary Office Winner

Bailey Rose S.

Quarterly Contest Winners 2008

Kristin                                                        Alex

Winners of the Pet Contest in March 2008

Nico                                                        Sandra