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What to Expect During an Initial Consultation

At Central Florida Smiles, we understand that the decision to receive orthodontic care is an important one. There are many orthodontists in the area to choose from, but at our practice you’ll find a professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff every step of the way.

In our care, you always come first. We want you to feel totally comfortable with our team and the procedures we offer. By coming in for an initial appointment, our team will address all of your questions and ensure a treatment plan that works for you.

Your First Appointment

Many patients are surprised by just how much they learn at their first visit. When you arrive, you will be given an overview of our office and the services we provide. You will then receive a thorough examination by your doctor to discuss potential treatment options for your orthodontic needs.

The appointment can go by quickly, but we may reserve additional time following the exam for diagnostic records. X-rays, photos and dental impressions may be taken if your doctor deems it necessary. While advanced technology allows us to create healthy, beautiful smiles, we believe in the business of treating people and not just their teeth. The extra information from your orthodontic records allows us to analyze your specific needs—resulting in nothing less than superior results and your complete satisfaction.

Beyond treatment options, you will also have the chance to discuss timelines and financial arrangements. If you have insurance, we suggest bringing your insurance card to the new patient appointment so we can provide you with a cost estimate before we get started.

Since we want our patients to feel confident in their decisions, we also welcome and encourage questions during the consultation. After all, this really is a chance for us to get to know each other. Some of the more common inquiries we receive, include:

  • What specific conditions can orthodontics treat?
  • Should I wait to receive treatment until appropriate tooth growth or eruption?
  • What are the specific procedures used to correct my individual problem?
  • Do any of my permanent teeth need to be removed prior to treatment?
  • What is the treatment timeline like?
  • How much will this cost me?
  • What are my payment options?

The Next Step

Orthodontic treatment can have many benefits, regardless of age. Whether for a child seeking braces or for an inquiring adult, it’s never too late to enhance your smile. We have been serving the Central Florida and Metro Orlando areas for more than 40 years and would be thrilled to have you as our patient. Drs. Cara Wiewiora and Rick Dunn offer a vast variety of treatment options and are ready to address your orthodontic needs.

If you or your child could benefit from orthodontic care, contact us today at 407-862-1870 (Longwood) or 407-805-0068 (Lake Mary). After requesting some basic information, our front office staff will schedule a complimentary consultation to get you started on a smile you can be proud of.